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hw Air Circuit Breaker

Air Circuit Breaker products get their name from the fact that their breaking chambers are in the open air to allow better energy
dissipation. Their electrical and mechanical strength, breaking capacity,maintainability and accessories make them ideal for protection for low voltage installations.
The ACB HW offers protection trip unit (OCR) functions and, in the event of tripping, controls the opening of the circuit-breaker, preventing it from closing again unless it has been reset by the operator.


Intelligent OCR

LSIGN protection, LCD display, pretrip
alarm, fault recording, remote
Signal indication LED PTA/LSI/GF/

Flexible protection

Can switch ON/OFF LSIGN and
thermal memory separately

Easy maintenance

Event record 200, fault record 250
(reserved for ever), OCR checker tool.

Wide range of accessories

Including: arc shield, phase barrier,
temperature sensor, dust cover
(IP54), ...

Flexible terminal connection

Horizontal/Vertical terminal rotate
at 90° to make it easier for panel
builder to mount on busbars.
For frame A up to 1600A and frame
B up to 3200A.

Fast and economic

to build up communication, network.
Communication module integrated in OCR.

Advantages for you :

High breaking capacity: full range Icu=Ics
• Optimized and compact panel size: same height and depth
• Terminal connection flexibility: horizontal/vertical terminal easy to
turn at 90°
• Quick and easy mounting of accessories
• OCR: integrated communication, remote reset, ZSI, Temperature
• Reliable information: fault LED info keep 1 month, fault record
• Advanced protection: low load, unbalance voltage, reserve
power, low/over voltage protection
• Advanced metering: ammeter, voltage, power, energy, demand…

Technical data

• Comply with IEC 60947-2 and GB14048.2
• Rated current range: 630-5000A with 3 frames
• Breaking capacity: 50, 65, 85,100kA
• Rated voltage: 690V
• Insulated voltage: 1000V
• Impulse voltage: 12KV
• Switch Disconnector
• 3 kinds of OCR: Basic, Amp, Energy