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Hager Design

Hager Design turns technical products into familiar friends.

Erwin van Handenhoven, Hager Group Design Director
Before we start designing a new product, we think about the people it is going to serve. Will it assist or entertain, observe or protect, save time or save energy? Ideally, whatever it does, users will feel it is a reliable ‘friend’. We need to know how to connect with people on an emotional level, to ensure that in return they feel connected to our products.

Technology for people
Responsible design builds on an ethical foundation. At Hager, this foundation is all about respecting people and caring about their well-being. And it’s not just about today – we want to inspire our customers for years to come. That’s why we include them in every stage of the design process – from installer to planner, to end user.

An honest brand
Hager products are world-renowned for their quality, which is visibly and tangibly unveiled in their design. The unmistakable, explicit and clear brand image tells customers straight away that these products are part of ‘the family’. This is our signature, the Hager DNA, which embodies two central principles.

Friendly, serene, balanced
An honest, authentic design that blends naturally into everyday life, without gadgets or cheap effects. Ingeniously simple Our products are important, but never over-the top. If it’s not necessary, we leave it out. The essence remains. Straightforward in both form and function: simple to install, simple to use. Simply Hager!

Looking ahead to the future
Hager systems are not stagnant – they are expanding, gaining more and more visibility in our customer’s homes. This has implications for our present design language. We call it ‘New Start’. The aim of New Start is to meet our customers where they are, and carry them with us into the future: with innovative ideas, new designs and expressive materials. The new Hager catalogue is full of ‘New Starters’ – along with lots of ‘old friends’. Come and explore!