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Hager user instructions

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the documents detailed on this page. If you do not have this application on your PC, you can download the latest free copy of Acrobat Reader by clicking on the link below and choosing the format you require for your PC.

Click on the following lines to consult the documents or try a search in our technical literature database with one ore more words.
Automation Control
Title   Download 
1000W dimmer EV102 Technical datasheet
    PDF, 2,4 MB
1000W dimmer_EV102
    PDF, 673 KB
300W Dimmer_EVN012.PDF
    PDF, 550 KB
500W dimmer_EVN004
    PDF, 0 Bytes
    PDF, 197 KB
EE180_Astro Time Switch_1 ch
    PDF, 464 KB
EE181, Astro time switch_2 CH
    PDF, 464 KB
    PDF, 937 KB
EE806_IR remote
    PDF, 3,4 MB
EE807- Installer remote for EE815_EE816
    PDF, 933 KB
EE808_User remote for EE816
    PDF, 2,2 MB
EE810_EE811_Wiring Diagram
    PDF, 1 MB
EE810_technical datasheet
    PDF, 1,1 MB
EE811_Tchnical Datasheet
    PDF, 1,9 MB
EE813_Surface mounting box EE810 _EE811
    PDF, 333 KB
EE815_Technical Datasheet
    PDF, 311 KB
EE815_Wiring diagram
    PDF, 896 KB
EE820_EE830_Wall mounted detector
    PDF, 1,6 MB
EE820_EE830_Wiring diagram
    PDF, 557 KB
    PDF, 1,4 MB
    PDF, 344 KB
EE883_Hyper Frequency Detector
    PDF, 930 KB
EG103E_1ch Digital Time switch
    PDF, 803 KB
EG293B_2 ch yearly time switch
    PDF, 1,4 MB
    PDF, 1,3 MB
EH111_1 ch Time switch_Analog
    PDF, 838 KB
EH711_ 1 Ch Time switch
    PDF, 123 KB
    PDF, 295 KB
    PDF, 123 KB
    PDF, 1,3 MB
Latching Relay EPN5xx
    PDF, 125 KB
Twilight Switch_EE110
    PDF, 2,4 MB
Twilight Switch_EE70X
    PDF, 459 KB
Twilight Switch_EEN003
    PDF, 295 KB
Twilight Switch_EEN100
    PDF, 295 KB
    PDF, 363 KB
    PDF, 920 KB
Energy Distribution
Title   Download 
    PDF, 18,7 MB
HZI811i controller
    PDF, 8,6 MB
MCCB x160
    PDF, 1,9 MB
MCCB x250
    PDF, 1,8 MB
MCOS 63A, 100A
    PDF, 391 KB
    PDF, 267 KB
RCBO Addon
    PDF, 1,2 MB
RCCB 25 - 63A
    PDF, 1,1 MB
RCCB 80 - 100A
    PDF, 476 KB