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E2LM – Energy Efficiency through Lighting Management, E2LM is an initiative by Hager to help manage lighting applications in most efficient way, with maximum comfort and flexibility.
India being world's 6th largest energy consumer, accounts for almost 4% of global energy consumption. Demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 950, 000 MW by 2030. To meet this surging power demand we must be prudent in consuming energy and look for smart energy management systems.

Lighting consumes around 20% of total electricity consumption in India, which is quite substantial. For commercial buildings, it's estimated to be even higher at 40%. So saving energy in lighting lies as a low hanging fruit. The green building movement in India is testimony of that.

To support the green building movement in India, Hager has launched the E2LM initiative. E2LM will help designers to build superlative lighting management solutions for various applications and strengthen our commitment to build a greener society.

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  • Office space
  • Residence
  • Hospitality
  • Public lighting
  • Restaurant
  • Cafeteria
  • Restrooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Staircase
  • Corridors

Movement detectors

Movement detectors are recommended to be used in corridors and wash rooms where movements are detected. It can control any type of loads along with a suitable power contactor, wherever needed. Care should be taken not to use movement detectors to detect micro movements like work stations, cabins, meeting rooms etc.

Presence detectors

Presence detectors detect human occupancy / presence and control lights based on presence and ambient luminosity. It improves comfort in a room by setting the lux level according to the needs and ambient light condition. The sensor parameters and adjustable settings can be controlled using IR remote control, for the monobloc presence detectors.

Presence detector + light regulator

Apart from switching lights based on occupancy in a particular area, Hager's special detectors can dim lights depending on available natural light. This provides maximum saving and comfort for the user. Two advanced remote controls are available for setting the sensor parameters and for the user to create different lighting scenes.

Movement detectors outdoor, wall mounted

The range of Hager outdoor movement detectors with IP55 protection can be of versatile use. These can be used for switching outdoor lights. Apart from this the detectors can be used for intrusion detection and raising alarm. The detectors can be installed anywhere with the corner mounting and ceiling mounting accessories. An IR remote control can be used for setting the off time delay, light sensitivity, detection and switching on/off the detectors.

Light dimmers

Hager light dimmers offer freedom and flexibility to those who wants to control lighting and at the same time keeping operations simple and economical. These dimmers are ideal for controlling your incandescent bulbs, halogen and fluorescent lamps. The advantage of Hager dimmers is, it can be controlled by any bell push switch available in the market. This further helps you to choose bell push switches of your preferred make and design. With advanced models of dimmers one can set different light scenes.

Time switches

Time switches are used to automatically control lighting as per real time. Astro time switches control lights according to sunrise and sunset time of a particular geographical location taking into consideration seasonal variation. This can be extremely helpful in road lighting and public lighting applications to reduce human interference and wastage of energy. Time switches can also provide smart solution for controlling lights in shop windows, glow sign boards.

Twilight switches

Twilight switches are light sensitive sensors that measure the ambient light level and switch on lights when natural light level falls below set light-on level. Twilight switches are very useful for street lighting, illuminated sign board applications.

Time Lag switch and Latching Relay

E2LM brings in smart switches and relays which can be used for delayed and multiple point switching. This helps in saving precious energy when lights are not in use. Time lag switch automatically switches off lights after predefined ON period. Latching relays allow controlling common load from multiple locations in a building.