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Berker Legacy

You can find Hager's switches and systems in the most beautiful and exciting architecture in the world. Because for those places, utmost attention is paid to top quality.


In 1919 the first rotary toggle left the "Special factory for electrotechnical installation units" owned by brothers Robert and Hugo Berker in Schalksmühle in the Sauerland. The black switch on its white surround was already as attractive and functional as Berker Models are renowned for being today.


Since 2010, the traditional Berker brand has been part of the Hager Group. Their shared technological expertise has further strengthened Berker. Today the brand combines established values with contemporary design and technology standards – and thereby continues to set standards again and again in form, function, operability and quality.


Berker's switches and systems can be found in the most beautiful and exciting buildings in the world. That is because our outstanding design has the same aspirations as good architecture: It is timeless, functional and durable. So architects will always be asking themselves not whether to choose Berker, but which Berker to choose.