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Switchgears FAQs

What is the significance of ambient temperature rating for switchgear?
Ambient temperature ratings mean the temperature at which the switchgear will deliver full performance without any derating. Hager offers ACB’s and MCCB’s which are suitable for 50 Deg C ambient, ideally suited for Indian conditions.
What should be the overload thermal setting for MCCB’s?
Hager offers overload thermal setting of 63% to 100% (the widest in the industry) giving customers the flexibility of ensuring protection as any site progresses.
Can one use overvoltage device along with MCCB?
Yes, Hager can offer a solution for the same with our overvoltage devices. Kindly contact our local representative for the solution.
How does one ensure that for critical applications there is no inadvertent shutdown of an MCCB?
Hager offers MCCB’s with integrated padlock which can be locked even in ON condition. However, this does not compromise on safety as the MCCB will still trip internally incase of a fault.
How many frame sizes do Hager ACB’s come in?
Hager offers ACB’s in 3 frame sizes upto 5000A.
Does Hager offer ZSI interlocking in ACB’s?
Hager ACB’s come with ZSI interlocking as a standard feature.
What are the different release Hager offers in ACB’s
Hager offers 3 different release which are Basic, Amp and Energy suitable for all type of building applications.
Which standard does the Hager Automatic Transfer Switch comply to?
The Hager ATS complies to IEC 60947-6 -1 Multiple function equipment –Transfer switching equipment.
Is phase sequence protection available in Automatic Transfer Switch?
Phase sequence protection for Source 1 is available through the controller for the ATS.