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RCBO - 2 pole 2 modules, Hi

High Immunity (Hi) RCBO is an ideal solution for providing over current & earth leakage protection in electrically disturbed networks. They ensure reliable protection to people & installation in networks having pulsated DC, harmonics & transients currents (avoids "blinding") while maintaining continuity of supply (avoids 'nuisance tripping').

RCBO - 2 pole 2 modules, Hi, 30mA

ADH975 RCBO 1P+N 6kA C-25A 30mA HI
Cat ref.  Description P.U.Trade Price* 
ADH982RCBO 1P+N 6kA C-32A 30mA HI1 prt.7,930.00 INR / prt.
ADH990RCBO 1P+N 6kA C-40A 30mA HI1 prt.9,400.00 INR / prt.
*Data is subject to errors and technical modifications. Prices are trade price, exclusive of VAT.