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Product and general news

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Hager runs Mumbai Marathon for differently-abled

Spreading the Marathon mantra amongst its employees, Hager India, participated in the Mumbai Marathon. With the vision to contribute in enriching the lives of differently-abled persons, employees of Hager India ran the Mumbai Marathon in association with the NGO, Naseoh.

E2LM Energy Efficiency through Lighting Management

Hager India website upgrade

New milestone for Hager India

Golf enclosures

When building or renovating residential buildings, compact and aesthetically pleasing solutions are often required for electrical installations.

RCD Add on blocks 125A (for HLF MCBs)

125A RCD Add on block is designed to be fitted on right side of 3 & 4 pole HLF MCBs (80-125A).

Over-voltage release MZ209

Permanent over-voltages may lead to premature failure of sensitive electronic devices used at homes & offices, causing loss of property and inconvenience.

New Masterbrand

The new Hager brand stands for the complete range of products and services, as well as the ease of installation and ease of use.

IF Packaging Award 2011

Hager is the winner of the international iF Packaging Award 2011 in the category “sales packaging”.


Residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs) are used to protect humans & installation from insulation faults in residential & commercial applications.


RCBO offers earth leakage protection alongwith over-load & short-circuit protection. RCBOs are compact 2 pole 2 module device, saves space and offers great value for money.